Private Producer

NO, i represent a Agency / Studio

Two kinds of services

1. Self-service

Self-service is a traditional service with which you have unlimited access to the platform. Use advanced search filters to find exactly the right actor for your assignment. Read the reviews, contact the actor, ask questions and set clear agreements through the messaging system. Choose who you want and add a review to their profile afterwards. The actor will stay contactable for as long as they are registered on the website and your account is active. With the self-service, you can always look for actors and hire them, without any limitations!

The self-service is particularly useful for large users that need several actors in a set period and have the time to look for and communicate with potential candidates. The self-service is available for 6 months or longer. For a one-time-only search for an actor, or if your time is at a premium, the matching service might be of better use to you.
Starts from $399 per 6 months

2. Match-service

The matching service is a quick, one-time-only searching service. You fill in your preferences, requirements and specific wishes, after which looks for the perfect candidate for you. Depending on the chosen match service, we supply a number of profiles that exclusively meet your requirements.

You can communicate with the supplied actors. Ask questions, set agreements and choose the desired actor, or hire them all. You decide. You can add a review to their profile afterwards. The supplied actors stay available as long as they are registered on the website.

The matching service is particularly useful for an employer looking for an actor for one-time use or without regularity. The low one-time costs can also be a reason for choosing the match service.
Starts from $79 one-time fee

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